The cost of Camp Lemala is as follows:
1st Session: $2,930
2nd Session: $2,930
Full Summer: $5,860

Dates are:
1st Session:
Monday Jun 26th – Thursday July 20th
2nd Session: Sunday July 23rd – Wednesday August 16th

We are nestled in the Western region of the beautiful Pocono mountain of Falls PA, running alongside the Susquehana River.
One of the things that Camp Lemala prides itself is having campers from homes that have the proper respect and chashivus of a Ben Torah’s way of life. We have boys coming from near and far across the US and Canada.
When hiring counselors, first and formost, we make sure all our staff are Bnei Torah and Bnei Aliya coming from the most prominent yeshivos in America and Eretz Yisroel. Our counselors are positive, fun loving bochurim who are fully invested in giving each camper the summer of a lifetime.
Summer isn’t a break from learning, rather its an opportunity to grow in ways unattainable during the year. The learning in Camp Lemala is unique in every way. Our campers get to learn different sugyos which is not something they get in the classroom. In Camp Lemala the learning in extremely enjoyable. Our rebbeim are passionate and exciting and its a ripple effect to our campers.
At Camp Lemala, we have a packed fun filled day with daily leagues as well as many other exciting activities. To list a few, we have hiking, boating, fishing, ATVing. We also have an indoor pool and a massive aqua park on our very own private lake. This is all in addition to our ‘regulars’- trips, awesome night activities, brand name concerts, and professional plays.