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Camp Lemala.

We are - Above and Beyond!

Feel The Fire .
The Fun.
The Friendship.

It’s your place: Where summer isn’t a break from reality, but a magical extension of it.

Where true Torah spirit combines with an incredible program to create the experience that indeed goes above and beyond.

A Camp Experience
Unlike Any Other...




...And A Summer He Won’t Forget.

Real Connection. Real RUACH. Real Growth.

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Camp Lemala 2023 2nd Half

Bunk פ”ג Music Skit Video‎

Bunk פ”א Music Skit Video‎

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Camp Lemala 2023 Week 3 & 4

Learning, Activities & Sports Leagues.

The Camp that goes Above and Beyond.

Three Great Divisions

6th Grade

Junior Division

Full participants in all of the incredible leagues, activities and trips that make Camp Lemala truly above and beyond, there’s a special warmth in our junior division. We know that sweeping our boys up in the excitement will make them feel like part of the Lemala family from day one, earning us a special place in their hearts that will have them coming back year after year after year…

7th Grade

Intermediate Division

There’s a special vibe in our intermediate division, where our boys get caught up in thrill of competitive leagues, tempered as always with a sense of fun, mentshluchkeit and sportsmanship. We know that our seventh graders are always looking for a chance to shine, and at Camp Lemala we go out of our way to make that happen for each and every one.

8th Grade

Senior Division

We remember what it was like to be seniors in camp and that has us letting our guys indulge their sense of adventure with hikes and overnights so that they can explore the great outdoors like never before. Adding all those extras for our eighth and ninth graders on top of our already fabulous Camp Lemala programming isn’t easy but we make it happen for them because isn’t that what being a senior is all about?

See It For Yourself

“My son came home and said “Ma, I grew this summer” I assumed he meant in height, He says – “No, Ma, I grew in Ruchniyus” Thank you for everything you are doing! Hashem should bentch you with continued hatzlocha!”
“Just wanted to give you a huge Shkoyach! My Moshe couldn’t stop talking how amazing everything was! from staff, campers, food, accommodations, canteen, program… He just doesn’t stop! TYH for CAMP LEMALA! Thank you!
“We just wanted to thank you for giving Avraham an amazing camp experience! He had such a great time and came home soooo happy!”
The camp is simply A mothers dream, everything they they say they stand for plus so much more! My son told me; Ma, it was my best summer ever!!!
“The camp name speaks for itself! Not only are the boys not falling behind during the summer, they are growing and coming back refreshed and ready to head into the next 10 months!” Thank you!
From the first phone call I got from my son I knew it was an instant hit! “Camp is amazing, food is amazing and I am having the best time! Everything is awesome” Thank you for everything you guys are doing!