What does your son want from camp?

Boys want continuous excitement, exhilarating activities, and round the clock fun! Your son also wants an outstanding program where he can develop his talents, forge lifelong friendships, and experience the magic of a summer that he’ll never forget.

What do you want from camp?

Parents want a wholesome Torah environment, led by experienced professional mechanchim, where middos and recreation go hand in hand. You also want a “chevra” whose values and hashkafos mirror your own enabling your son to thrive and grow during the crucial summer months.

Welcome to
Camp Lemala!

A place where summer isn’t a break from reality, but rather a fun-filled, action packed, magical version of it.
Launched in 2020 as a small traveling camp to give boys a much-needed dose of normalcy during the pandemic, Camp Lemala was an instant hit. The immediate success of this pilot program prompted a parental outcry for more of the achdus, ruach and personal growth that are the characteristics this camp was built on. And so, on a scenic 100+ acre property in the Pocono Mountains, Camp Lemala opened its doors….

Give your son a summer that truly is Lemala – “Above & Beyond!”

Join the Camp Lemala family, let us welcome your son to his summer home away from home!

Get to know our Mechanchim

Rabbi Yitzchok Speigel

Director, Head Counselor

With more than two decades of camping under his belt and a wealth of hands-on classroom experience as a 7th grade Rebbe at Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Rabbi Spiegel refused to let the pandemic deprive his talmidim of their much needed summer vacation.

His vision for camp is a place where middos, learning, Hashkafa, sports, fun and Ruach come together. This was realized so successfully that parents and campers clamored for more.

Rabbi Aaron Friedman

Assistant Head Counselor

Rabbi Friedman brings well over a decade of camping experience to his position as assistant head counselor, in both sleep away camps and day camps alike. Rabbi Friedman is known far and wide as someone who is exceptionally talented, energetic, creative, and super organized.

During the year Rabbi Freidman serves as the English principal at the Lakewood cheder middle school, where his unusual warmth alongside his professional demeanor earns him the admiration and respect of the 500+ students.

Rabbi Friedman is one of the driving forces behind Lemalas tremendous success.

Rabbi Avi Frank


Rabbi Frank is a master mechanech at Yeshiva of Spring Valley, he is a camp director par excellence for 25+ years. He is a longstanding member of Hatzolah of Monsey, as well as one of the founding members of Chaveirim of Rockland County.

His years of leadership experience are certain to bring the beautiful ruach to Camp Lemala, creating a summer of fun and a lifetime of memories.

Rabbi Shmuel Witkin

Camp Rav

Currently serving as the Rav and founder of Kehillas Bnei Hayeshivos in the Five Towns, Rabbi Shmuel Witkin brings a wealth of experience with him to his position as our camp’s Mara D’asra. He is well known for his dikduk in Halacha and compassion for every yid.

Rabbi Witkin also has a wealth of camping experience allowing him to integrate the learning and ruchniyos in a fun filled way, with his dynamic and easygoing personality, understanding the Bnei Torah campers of today.

Rabbi Yaakov Levine

Night Activity Director

​​As both a beloved fifth grade Rebbe and the afternoon mashgiach at Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe in Queens, Rabbi Yaakov Levine has had the opportunity to connect with talmidim on a variety of levels, with many older students coming back to visit his classroom in their spare time. With many years of experience in both the yeshiva and camp settings, he has mastered the unique balance of fun and growth, making him ideally suited to his joint positions as a Rebbe and night activity director.

Rabbi Shalom Rosen

Junior Division Head

A fourth grade rebbe at Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Rabbi Rosen’s eleven years as a division head and exceptional personal warmth make him uniquely qualified to turn Camp Lemala’s youngest kids into lifelong campers.